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10 Free Education Apps To Learn Something New In 2019

As you kick off the new year, maybe you have set a New Year’s resolution. Perhaps this year you would like to learn a new language, pick up a new skill, or work on becoming better at something. Whatever your goal, if it involves learning something new, there are a wide range of apps to […]


Our secret truths

Everyone at any moment has a secret truth. That is, we all have one thing that we implicitly know to be true, and yet we are being held back in life by our failure to admit that truth. It creates a bottleneck in our personal development by keeping us from recognizing our faults. By admitting […]

Productivity Random Thoughts

Don’t use time to set goals

I’ve been thinking about how to get more done each day, and thought about something I do when I am scheduling tasks. I have a lot of different projects going on, and sometimes I will schedule 1 hour per day to work on Project X, or 4 hours 1 day per week to work on […]

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This Is The Year I Embrace Art And Design

Looking back on 2016 and seeing what I accomplished last year, I realize that all of my successes last year were due to challenging assumptions I had about myself. So this year, I’m doing it again. One belief about myself that I am challenging is my long held assumptions about my artistic ability. My whole […]