What Is Money? The Answer Could Reshape Financial Education

Author’s Note: This was my winning entry for a HeroX challenge to find the root causes of financial illiteracy and propose a solution. I’ve reposted it here to gauge interest in me moving forward with the idea by developing it into a personal finance course. Visit BiteSizedFinance.com to join the email list and show your […]

Adventures In Logo Outsourcing

Lernabit logo

Every business needs a logo. It is the symbol that defines your brand and creates consistency across all of the different marketing channels you use. For my own business– Lernabit— I recently finished a contest on 99Designs to have a logo designed. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a logo made. For previous projects, […]

The Creator’s Paradox Of Choice

Quite some time ago, I set up this blog with the intention of having it as some sort of brain dump for all of the things I enjoy writing about. Despite having many different interests, I haven’t created any content because I can’t find what to write about. In fact, the breadth of my curiosity […]