The Importance Of Owning Your Own Platform

Today Medium announced that they will be laying off 50 people to refocus on their mission. That mission, they say, is to make publishing more accessible to everyone, and to allow the highest quality content to get noticed even if it comes from someone without many followers. I can totally get behind that mission. But […]

What Is Money? The Answer Could Reshape Financial Education

Author’s Note: This was my winning entry for a HeroX challenge to find the root causes of financial illiteracy and propose a solution. I’ve reposted it here to gauge interest in me moving forward with the idea by developing it into a personal finance course. Visit to join the email list and show your […]

Adventures In Logo Outsourcing

Lernabit logo

Every business needs a logo. It is the symbol that defines your brand and creates consistency across all of the different marketing channels you use. For my own business– Lernabit— I recently finished a contest on 99Designs to have a logo designed. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a logo made. For previous projects, […]

The Creator’s Paradox Of Choice

Quite some time ago, I set up this blog with the intention of having it as some sort of brain dump for all of the things I enjoy writing about. Despite having many different interests, I haven’t created any content because I can’t find what to write about. In fact, the breadth of my curiosity […]