Today I deleted my Facebook account. There wasn’t one particular reason, just a lot of small ones and one big final straw. The final straw was the scandal involving Cambride Analytica. They used Facebook to steal data on 50 million people and used that to influence the election.

But I’ve been considering deleting my account anyway. Here are some reasons why:

1. Privacy issues in general

Even before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, privacy issues in general were starting to bother me.

2. It got boring

Ever since Facebook changed their algorithm to put more emphasis on content from friends, Facebook became a lot more boring. It started to feel like a ghost town.

3. It is bad for your brain

There is growing scientific evidence that social media is bad for your brain and cognitive function. This video from Cal Newport has more information about that. Basically, social media impairs our ability to focus on one task. The end result of this is that even when you aren’t using social media, it still has a negative impact on your productivity because it affects your ability to focus.

For now, I’m still on Twitter, but I might get rid of that too, mostly because of reason number 3 listed above. Social media is just too much of a distraction and frankly just a waste of time.